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Chronic Pain Relief

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The experienced and compassionate physicians at Arizona Pain and Rehabilitation Associates have helped thousands of patients break free from pain and regain their physical capabilities. When a disabling injury, severe illness, or chronic pain impacts your lifestyle, our single goal is to help you resume your daily activities at home and in the workplace.

Our specially trained doctors use a patient-centric approach and treat pain as the primary problem, not as a symptom. We care for patients on a human level by listening to what you are going through and then tailoring treatment plans according to their specific needs using leading-edge pain management technology.

Our caring and friendly staff will help you through the treatment process. For your convenience, our staff speaks fluent Spanish.

Pain Relief

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Trusted Pain Management

Trusted Pain ManagementWe get reports back quickly. The reports are thorough, detailed in their scope, using evidenced-based medicine to support findings and treatment.

Honesty and integrity is the foundation on which we have built solid relationships with primary care physicians, attorneys, nurse case managers, adjusters and other members of the medical, legal and insurance communities. We work as a team to help patients overcome their physical challenges and reclaim their lives.

Also, for the convenience of the patient, all of our staff speaks Spanish and we provide most of our forms in Spanish as well.

Board Certified Physiatrists

Our doctors are medical doctors specializing in Physiatry with certification in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Supportive Care Specialists

We work extensively with Supportive Care patients. We understand the guidelines and work with the patient to achieve the best functionality within the supportive care outline.

Independent Medical Examinations

Our doctors are certified to perform Independent Medical Examinations through the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and are thoroughly familiar with the AMA Guidelines to Permanent Impairment, 5th and 6th ed.

Pain Treatments

Referring Physicians:

Our staff will treat your patient with care and dignity and we strive to accommodate each and every patient according to their individual needs.

Our Physiatrists are extremely knowledgeable about Worker’s Compensation. We send reports in a timely manner to keep the continuity of ongoing treatment for the patient.

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